Worker-Owner Bio’s

Noah McKenna is a lifelong JP resident who is passionate about economic democracy and community self-reliance. While working as a molecular biologist, he became an avid gardener and permaculture partisan. He relishes the challenge of creating abundance in small urban spaces, and especially enjoys training trees and vines to unique shapes and trellis structures made of bamboo and recycled materials. Through his involvement in the Occupy movement, Noah was spurred to bring his values, passions, and livelihood into alignment. Together with Cheryl DeSanctis, Noah founded the cooperative in the spring of 2013 to create dignified livelihoods that are socially and ecologically restorative, and which allowed worker-owners to pursue their activism and other projects. When he is not thinking about plants, Noah is volunteering at the Lucy Parsons Center or engaged in various local and global struggles for collective liberation.

Jackie Ewing is a global citizen who has a deep passion for the power and abundance found in nature. Growing up in Hong Kong with a Kenyan mother and American father, she was born a traveler with an acute curiosity for the connection between all things. From a young age, she was fascinated by details in the environment, picking up stones, leaves, and flowers, studying their edges, the way they smelled and how they compared. She has been inspired by individuals who hold the wisdom that comes with learning from nature and recognizes how influential such wisdom can be for a community. Through organic farming, gardening, wild foraging and crafting, she has found a true calling in solidifying relationships between people and the natural world. She joined Restoring Roots Cooperative in 2019, wanting to collaborate with innovative people who share this sentiment. She is nurturing and growing her skills with the cooperative, specially focusing on creative touches that use placement, shape and color to individualize a garden and help it thrive.

Jeremy was born in New Rochelle, NY and has lived in several cities/rural towns throughout New England. With a foot in both the city and the country, he believes in the significant role of green spaces in urban environments and gets great satisfaction from attracting unexpected pollinators with plants native to the region. As a young adult Jeremy began growing veggies + herbs and discovered turning cabbage into sauerkraut. After graduating from Lesley College with a degree in Environmental Science/Psychology, he spent several years working in garden and forest education- leading immersive workshops, classes and plant walks to middle schoolers throughout New England and New York. He started working with Restoring Roots in Summer 2019. Jeremy loves connecting to nature with people and connecting people with nature. He believes in a creative workplace that encourages cooperation and employees caring for eachother! When not engaged in the gardens, you may find him playing music at the Arboretum or foraging mushrooms in Olmstead park.